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How to promote and organise an event using ChurchInsight

Article by Adam Johannes
CEO, ChurchInsight

We love hearing about how churches use the ChurchInsight system to achieve so many cool processes to help with their church admin or communications.

I thought I’d put together a quick demo of how you could use ChurchInsight to promote and organise a course or event. I’ve tried to show you how some different options in the system can help you as we know churches work in different ways due to many different factors.

In many ways, this demo is not about what you “need” to do to run an event, but I hope it is a demo that opens your imagination for how you can use the system for a wide range of things as you see the features, settings and processes I’m using in this example.

This is not meant to be a click-by-click guide on how to set everything up, so we’ll be brushing over the simpler tasks and focus a bit more on some of the features that you may not have come across, or things that maybe thinking a bit more outside the box. I’ve pretty much set everything up so I’ll show you what I’ve done and you can go and try it yourself.

So... welcome to The Town Church, my made up church for doing demos and testing things out. You can always take a look at

So, that’s how you can use ChurchInsight to promote, organise and report on a course or event. Remember, this was not meant to be everything you have to do, it’s more to show you some of the features and how you can use them. It’s up to you implement anything you have learnt and apply it to suit your church.

If you have any questions, just email us at and we will be happy to help.

Bonus Video: Custom fields and Query

Here is how you can use custom fields and the Query wizard to tag who has been on a course...

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Support Guides:

Here are some useful resources from ChurchInsight and ShareInsight to help you with what we talked about in the video.

Adam Johannes, 19/04/2018